• Gorgeous longsleeve t-shirt. 
  • Available in two colours
  • Default writing colour will be red for the blue & White t-shirt and bright blue for the pink & White t-shirt.  Please message us for customised requests
  • Please comment in the boxes below which words you would like to include.  


Choices are from the below or your own ideas:

A: Apple, Aeroplane, Angel, Anchor, Astronaut, Ant

B: Ball, Bus, Bee, Butterfly, Banana, Brilliant, Boots

C: Car, Cake, Cow, Caterpillar, Crown, cheese, Cat, Clown, Circle, Clock, Christmas

D: Duck, Dolphin, Dinosaur, Dog, Drum, Doll

E: Egg, Elephant, Excited

F: Fish, Frog, Flower, Fun, Fabulous

G: Giraffe, Goat, Guitar, Grapes, Gorilla, Great

H: Hat, Heart, Hen, Hippo, House, Horse, Hedgehog, Happy

I: Igloo, Ice-cream,

J: Jelly, Jellyfish, Jet

K: Kite, King, Kangaroo, Keys, Knight, Kitten

L: Ladybird, Lion, Leaf, Lollipop, Lemon, Lamb, Llama

M: Monster, Moon, Monkey, Mouse, Motorbike, Milk, Music, Marvellous, Magical

N: Night, Note, Nose, Numbers, Net, Nest

O: Octopus, Orange, Owl, Ostrich, One

P: Pumpkin, Pizza, Penguin, Pig, Pineapple, Planet, Pencil, Pear, Panda

Q: Queen, Quick, Quack Quack

R: Robin, Rocket, Rabbit, Ring, Rainbow, Robot

S: Swan, Sun, Snail, Shoe, Star, Spider, Snake, Sheep

T: Two, Three, Turtle, Train, Tree, Tiger, Truck, Teddy, Toys, Triangle

U: Umbrella, Unicorn, Ukelele, Up

V: Vase, Vest, Violin, Van

W: Whale, Wheel, Window, Wellies, Watch, Watermelon, Wonderful

X: Xylophone, X-Ray, Xmas

Y: Yoyo, Yellow, Yacht, Yoghurt

Z: Zebra, Zoo, Zip

  • Have an alternative design idea in mind?  Please get in touch
  • Material: 100% cotton.

  • Contrast ribbed collar and elbow patches.
  • YKK popper shoulder fastening.
  • Twin needle stitching.
  • Unbranded size label at neckline.
  • Weight: 160 gsm

Personalised Stripy Toddler T-Shirt